29 June 2012

Roma. No not Italy.

We've started a new contract. For the last six weeks, we've been working in southern Queensland, in the cattle farming town of Roma. Its a nice town, the streets are tidy, the houses are maintained, there are multiple pedestrian crossings that people actually give way to. You know, that sort of thing. The days are warm, bright and sunny, but the nights are actually similar to Tasmania. Unexpected. You don't think of Queensland as being cold, but we've had several nights below zero.

I haven't written for a while, mainly because I wasn't sure how best to describe our work here. It was a little bit of a rocky start, for various reasons which I wont elaborate on here. But suffice to say, things have now settled down, and we are enjoying the remaining time. I'm also certain that we will be able to learn something from our experience here.

We had a funny experience the other day though. One of our nursing colleagues here, generously offered to lend us her car for the day, suggesting we might want to take a meander to the next town over, and have lunch at the pub. Mitchell, (the town in question) has a lovely old historic pub, apparently do a good counter meal and is worth the hour drive over. Sounded perfect we thought. So off we went, raring to go, drove the 87 kilometres to find not only the pub closed, but pretty much the entire town. One of the locals suggested we head to the Caltex (as in the petrol station) instead for a bite to eat. We decided to pass. So after ten minutes of driving around the town (which essentially provided adequate time to cover it), we drove back! Oh well!

We also have made friends with a few of the nurses at work. They live in this four bedroom nurses accommodation next door. They are all twenty and thirty something single ladies, who affectionately call their accommodation 'the whore house'. Haven't seen a red light out the front though. But that aside, they are always up for a laugh. Tonight we are having sangria, mini pizzas, and other nibblies and playing board games. (Typical whore house behaviour). Should be good! It's been really nice to have friendly faces make us feel welcome and invite us along to these things.