04 March 2012

The Shizz I Want in Twenty Twelve

Yes, there's a list. And here it is my brothers:
  1. Buy a piece of artwork that will fit in that currently empty spot above my dining table.
  2. Get to at least an intermediate level in French conversation.
  3. Install a splashback in my kitchen, so I don't have repaint that fricken space behind my cooktop again.
  4. Mend all those items of clothing that have minor faults; a button missing here, a broken zipper there. And then wear them.
  5. Read 30 novels.
  6. Learn to love, tolerate pretend to tolerate exercise.
  7. Draw, create, make more.
  8. Get an engagement ring made, so that people actually believe it when I say I'm engaged.
  9. Reduce my bread and potato intake (but I love them so much!!!!!!)
  10. Spend less and invest more.

1 comment:

  1. Good list, Evie!
    I'm now going to compose my own. I think a couple of ours will be very similar.