14 February 2012

The Ever Salubrious Pilbara

Tomorrow I turn 33: a highly suitable age, I think. I absolutely refuse to work on my birthday - it just seems wrong. So back in December, I creatively wrangled the roster and scored both Rob and me a few days off together to celebrate. We've decided to drive to Point Samson tomorrow, a little seaside village here in the Pilbara, and plan to stay overnight in a little family run B&B overlooking the sparkling Indian Ocean assuming we can get a room. Word is that there is also good fish and chips there - something that is lacking in Port Hedland! Now that's worth driving 218 kilometres for!

I plan on taking my sketchbook and my watercolours, and spending the day sipping on G&T's and painting. See you on the other side lovelies xxx

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