30 January 2012

The Proposal

So here we were, me just barely awake having finished night shift this morning,
him lazing around on the bed, already typing on his laptop.

ME: (Yawning, stretching, just waking up.)
HIM: "Morning".
ME: " Morning."
HIM: "What shall we do today?"
ME: "We need to go to Kmart to buy a new mop, this one is shite."
HIM: "Agreed. Shall we go in about an hour?"
ME: "Sounds good."

(Rob returns to typing on laptop)

ME: (Drowsily, rolling over to give him a cuddle)... "Mmm I love you. I want you to be my husby."
HIM: (Pause)... "OK!"
ME: "Sorry what?"
HIM: "Yes I'll be your husband!"
ME: "Um.. OK... sweet. Does this mean we are engaged then?"
HIM: "Yeah I guess so!"
ME: "Excellent!"
HIM: "Damn it, I had a grand master plan for this!"

HIM: (Then jumps up and gets down on one knee) "Eve Louise Walters, will you be my wifey?"
ME: "This was your grand master plan???"

RING: Not yet. To be continued.
MOP: Still shite.


  1. Aaaaaaw! Evie, that's beeeyewtiful. Congratulations!

  2. Love it....Perfect, CF.... You guys are a perfect couple, Your life together will be a wonderful journey ....Love Flusie xxxx

  3. What a story!! xoxo "Your daughter"

  4. Oh ... I'm having a little weep now. I love a good engagement story ... Hagley Manor needed a real Lord not just a concubine, non? Love yous guys xxxx

  5. ah ha ha ha ha ha....... awwww that is so sweet. lucky you and congratulationssssss....... weeeeeeeeeeee!

  6. Congrats. Great story for any future kids...

  7. Thanks ladies! Nothing like an accidental proposal to make your day!