30 January 2012

The Proposal

So here we were, me just barely awake having finished night shift this morning,
him lazing around on the bed, already typing on his laptop.

ME: (Yawning, stretching, just waking up.)
HIM: "Morning".
ME: " Morning."
HIM: "What shall we do today?"
ME: "We need to go to Kmart to buy a new mop, this one is shite."
HIM: "Agreed. Shall we go in about an hour?"
ME: "Sounds good."

(Rob returns to typing on laptop)

ME: (Drowsily, rolling over to give him a cuddle)... "Mmm I love you. I want you to be my husby."
HIM: (Pause)... "OK!"
ME: "Sorry what?"
HIM: "Yes I'll be your husband!"
ME: "Um.. OK... sweet. Does this mean we are engaged then?"
HIM: "Yeah I guess so!"
ME: "Excellent!"
HIM: "Damn it, I had a grand master plan for this!"

HIM: (Then jumps up and gets down on one knee) "Eve Louise Walters, will you be my wifey?"
ME: "This was your grand master plan???"

RING: Not yet. To be continued.
MOP: Still shite.

18 January 2012

Holidays come, holidays go

Oh sigh... How quickly they came to an end. We've just had four weeks off work, soaking up the summer sun at our little house in the valley, visiting friends and family, domesticating it up in the kitchen, sipping on sneaky G&T's in our garden. Happy times.

Actually it was quite a busy little holiday, after flying out of the Pilbara on the 19th of December, we popped into Perth for a couple of days, catching up with my sister, cooked and early Christmas roast and sang carols while slightly tipsy. Then we headed to the island, where we did it all again for real. We loved spending time together in our kitchen, poring over cookbooks, trying out new recipes and experimenting with new ingredients. Our new favourite? Gravlax (cured salmon with salt, dill and ground pepper), thanks to Lotta Jansdotter's recipe in her latest book Handmade Living. Its quite amazing really, so simple to make and ten times better than smoked salmon. We had it on crackers along with some local cheeses and prosciutto on Christmas Day. Deluxe.

We repainted our kitchen and bathroom, organised an architect to come and draw up plans for our new conservatory and studio (ooh exciting!) and bought fencing materials and garden mulch. Rob walked aimlessly around our cottage, daydreaming about the new secret garden that we will put in here, and the French doors that will go in there. It was lovely to bond over our shared living. We lounged around on our new couch... a thing of chocolatey leather beauty, had nanna naps and caught up on missed TV.

We saw Rob's sister marry her beloved in January. We witnessed her tears of happiness as he sang her a song at the reception that he had spent month taking lessons for, and shared in their elation when they were officially announced as husband and wife.

And finally I snuck off to Melbourne for a few days of catching up with friends there and of course, shopping. Being remote for the last year has meant that although I've saved a fair bit of money, I've not acquired any new fabulous things. So to remedy this oversight, I shopped, and shopped and shopped. Lovely new threads of silk and cashmere and merino have since taken up residence in my wardrobe, where of course they will stay, because such things are not practical in the bush. But I take pleasure knowing that they are there, just waiting until I return again.

So tonight I am back to work in Port Hedland ED, knowing that those wispy snippets of holiday love will soon be a memory. This contract is for 13 weeks, a blink in the eyes of Time but at this point it feels like an eternity! I am sure however that it will zip past once I am back into it and before we know it we will be flying home to the island. We have autumn camping to look forward to as well as a holiday in Thailand (made tax deductible by including a cheeky little conference into the itinerary!)

Happy New Year to you all and may 2012 be everything you wished for.