14 November 2011

Relaxing in Broome

The Sun Cinema

Sipping on iced coffees watching the world go by
The stunning Cable Beach (photo by Rob)

Recently we had a chance to escape out of Port Hedland and zoom six hours up the road to Broome. I'd never been there before, although Rob lived there for a year or so somewhere in his twenties. The beaches are beautiful, but unfortunately plagued by sea lice (yes we got stung) and stingers at certain times of the year. Its such a shame that there are all these amazing beaches here in Australia which cannot be utilised due to stingers, crocodiles and other nasties. Although, some might say that we are invading natures space rather than the other way around!

But aside from the sea lice incident, we had a lovely time eating out, relaxing by the pool, and watching Red Dog at the Sun Cinema, the world's oldest picture garden! It was great seeing Red Dog up here. We are working in the Pilbara, exactly where the movie is set, so it seemed all the more relevant! And the setting was wonderful. Outdoor cinema, old style deck chairs, freshly made popcorn. Perfect. I would recommend a visit if you are ever in Broome.

Unfortunately our time there was too short, we travelled 6 hours each way just to spend 36 hours in Broome, but it was a nice change from the red dust and mining rigs of Port Hedland. Our contract finishes here on December 18th and we plan to be home in Tasmania around the 21st. See you all then for some Christmas cheer!