07 August 2011


Its been nearly 2 months since my last update, sorry about that! We've been zipping all over the place. Since coming home from our last post in Mareeba, we've been across to Penang, Malaysia for a holiday, home again and then up to the Gold Coast, for some work related education and then back again to Tasmania where we have been contracted to work on the wild west coast town of Queenstown for 6 weeks. From snow to tropics, our acclimatisation skills have been tested over the last few weeks.

Other Tasmanians will already know that it is not the best time of year to be posted in Queenstown. The winter here is brutal. If it is not snowing, there is ice an inch thick over the car in the mornings or it is raining. Queenstown is a small town of approximately 5000, settled in a valley at the base of Mount Owen, is gray and dark most days and is surrounded by these eerie bald mountains, known as the 'moonscape': a result of environmental damage caused by past smelting practices. It has a long history in mining and railways, with most of the residents in someway connected to either industry. I know I'm not selling it, but having said all that, it does seem to have a kind of austere beauty about it. In a Twin Peaks kind of way.

Anyway, there is only 2 weeks left here... yes its almost over before I've even blogged about it. Next stop? Port Hedland, WA.

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