14 June 2011

My Studio

I'm a sucker for spying on people's studios! I love to see where they work, create, think and escape the outside world. Having just bought Olga Bennett's book 'Environments' in order to further fuel my obsession, I thought it appropriate to post some photos of the place I spend the majority of my time when I am home. This is my studio for the time being at least. Plans are in the pipeline to build a free standing studio in the backyard...but more on that later.

I was inspired by the miserable weather outside which has been further compounded by a shitload of Chilean volcanic ash that is apparently hanging over NZ and Tasmania and wreaking havoc with air travel therein, to rearrange the space and throw out some things that either A) have been become so daggy that even the op-shop is unlikely to sell them or B) are damaged beyond reusable repair (think old tubes of gouache that have dried to a cement like consistency).

I suppose some may argue this is simply another procrastination method to avoid unpacking and sorting out our house, but I think I might be able to live with that. Now, onto more important matters... What shall I make? Ah... holidays... bliss... Off to Malaysia next week (assuming of course we can fly off the island!).

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