22 May 2011

Tablelands Adventures - Kuranda to Millaa Millaa

A few images from around the lovely Tablelands in far north Queensland. Its kind of like a tropical Tasmania. Lots of lush green farmland, waterfalls and rainforests. Rob and I took our cameras and had a day out together stopping in at roadside farms, buying limes and avocados ($2 a bag people!) and exploring the local area. Lovely.

21 May 2011

Mareeba Mareeba

A few photos of Mareeba - the place of our current contract. It's quite a pretty town really. The gardens and parks are tidy, the houses are neat as pins. You can tell that they take pride in their home. We've enjoyed the change in pace, the services and a break from primary health care!

This building below is our nurses quarters, an old dilapidated lady, that is in much need of a makeover. But she does have beautiful bones, original floors and charming vintage features, but she has been left to decay. Rob and I have the Taj Mahal of the quarters really, we are in the old matron's flat which at least has its own bathroom and kitchen space, whereas everyone else has a single room with shared facilities. So we probably should be grateful!

I especially love this fire danger sign. I have to wonder though, if the fire warning was really rated at catastrophic, do they really think that there would there be anyone left in Mareeba to read it?

16 May 2011

No. 35 Hold My Hand

Next offering from the list - I think its got potential for a Valentines Day Card. It could say something along the lines of 'I'd activate my rocket boots for you'.

Cheesy??? Maybe, but I think possibly you might get a date if you sent this. Well, I'd say yes.

10 May 2011

Mini Break in the Far North!

Rob and I have arrived in Mareeba - a small town in the far north Queensland tablelands. By comparison to our previous posts, its positively metropolitan! Its only 45 minutes from Cairns, an hour to Port Douglas and has pretty much all the services and shops one needs. We are working at the local hospital, in the emergency department. Its more of a GP clinic, with emergency facilities, but anything of note goes to Cairns, and here the doctors are pretty much seeing everyone, so we are just cruising along. Its more of a working holiday. The work is easy, not at all stressful and there is no on-call. So hence, we are utilising our days off. Over the weekend we hired a car and headed to Port Douglas for a little mini break. It was all cocktails, swim up bar, delicious food and walks along the beach. Some little photo tempters for all of you (especially our fellow Tasmanians, who are probably freezing their butts off right now!)