02 April 2011

No. 25 Trouble Lurking

We are almost done here in Kowanyama... We fly out on April 15 to Cairns - my my we are looking forward to that glass of wine! Its strictly dry here, unlike Lajamanu where we were able to get an alcohol license. And the penalties are up to a $75,000 fine for smuggling it in! The work has been quite cruisey though, we haven't got burnt out so thats refreshing. Plan is to have a week off before doing another 7-8 week contract. This time we are considering doing a little ED somewhere just for a change from primary health care.

In the meantime, I have been continuing along my artistic challenge. Today's effort: Trouble Lurking. There are a huge amount of crows around the town. I kind of like them. Apparently, they are incredibly intelligent too. They recognise faces, can identify patterns and problem solve. So Rob's thought is that you don't want to mess with one. And it would be far easier to subvert them with meat and cheese! He's been popping little tidbits out for the locals and I must admit watching them swoop in to collect the morsels has been quite entertaining.

They do have a reputation for being a gothic metaphor for death, darkness and the like and now I think about it, lurking. So nice.


  1. OK ... how did I miss that you were doing this challenge, huh? It's a good un. I may try to undertake it. I may not. But I will however enjoy seeing what you come up with. The crow is gold! Enjoy your vino, lovely xx

  2. Am a bit envious of you guys. Cairns still has a hold on me after living there for many years. Enjoy your break (and your wine!).
    Love the crow too.