10 March 2011

I'm singing in the rain/ I'm singing in the rain/ What a glorious feeling/ I'm happy again!

Its the wet season here, but apparently, this is mega wet! Instead of the usual fifteen minute afternoon monsoonal showers, Kowanyama has experienced torrential downpours for days on end. Our boss was forced to buy us all gumboots just so we could get to work in the morning!

My good friend Gemma suggested a rendition of the old favourite tune after lamenting the amount of puddles here, and really... are there any better words to describe it? Or any better way to deal with it? So here I am, ankle deep in water, rehearsing for Broadway.

All I'm missing is an umbrella for theatrical effect!


  1. I feel honoured that I inspired such a cracking performance ... you are destined for stardom, my friend xx