28 March 2011

Creative Challenge - Day 1

Today the mail plane flew in from Cairns, carrying with it my new watercolour brush (No. 2 Winsor and Newton Series 7, thanks for asking). I ordered it online about a week ago, and have been waiting impatiently for it to arrive. I came to remote Kowanyama with a few art materials, including watercolour pencils, but I forgot to pack any brushes. Hence my lovely watercolour pencils were destined to remain plain old colour pencils until today.

So with this trusty little brush now firmly in my grasp, I decided I best start this challenge. And now that I am blogging about it, I suppose I'm accountable. No pressure!

First item on my list: number 31 - Flowers. I know, an easy one, but one has to start somewhere... these lilies are outside my front door of our little donga. I found the lilies to be most interesting after they had shed their vibrant petals and all that was left were the heads. Kind of like rosehips. So here it is: Kowanyama Lilies - mixed media: ink and watercolour pencil. Drawing is not my strength, but with any luck I will get better...

I think these shapes may be destined to become a screen printed wrapping paper or stationery later on too!


  1. Evie, I like it. Very much.

    I've been playing with water colours of late - got no idea where to start so just sort of jumped in. The class that I'm teacher aiding with here has art lessons each Tuesday and I'm trying to learn as much as I can from that. So different to our high school art: these kids actually get taught things, all about light and shade and looking and perspective and so forth. I'm learning more than I did in four years of high school art.