25 March 2011

Creative Challenge Anyone?

This week, whilst getting my inspiration fix online, I came across the concept of a 100 day creative challenge. Essentially, the challenge comprised of making 100 illustrations over 100 days based on the supplied list of 100 themes. Its aim, I believe, is to push your creative boundaries and give you some framework for daily creative action. This particular one was obviously aimed at those into drawing, but I think it would adapt quite easily to other mediums, craft included.

So now I am considering undertaking it, but I know I cannot commit to one art form. I'm too flighty for that! I will have enough on my plate doing something creative every day. So I thought, I might attack the very same list, but use whatever art form or craft medium I am into that day. So somedays I might draw or paint (and people, this is not my strength, so maybe I should do more of that to improve!), other days I might take a photo. When I'm home in the studio I might print or sew something. As long as I use the same themes to inspire the project.

And you know what? I am not going to beat myself up if I miss a day here and there. There is no point setting yourself up for failure. I will be realistic. Work commitments, travel and day to day living will sometimes have to take priority. This list could very well take me a year instead of just over 3 months. But I am going to try. Having a creative balance in my life is paramount to my happiness. Maybe I'll put a few success pieces up on the blog for you to see. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome, the more the merrier!

The only question remaining... which theme should I start with?

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