23 January 2011

Last week in Laj

Well its almost over. Hard to believe, but true. As of Monday, we only have 7 days left in Lajamanu. Its been a rollercoaster, sometimes hugely frustrating and tiring, but sometimes really interesting and rewarding. I can't say I'm sad to leave, but we've met some fantastic people here, both clinical and non clinical staff, interesting clients and community members and of course there will always be Chopper, who I've become quite fond of.

And speaking of her, she's undergone a bit of a transformation lately. Since we've been here we've put her on a strict exercise and diet regime, and jeez she's starting to look good. She's gone from being an overweight lady with arthritis and heart failure who couldn't really walk more than a half a kilometre without keeling over to showing off a more slimline physique and now manages a 5km walk without breaking a sweat. She even biathlons it up and fits in a quick swim in the creek on the way just to show off! Her previous carer had her on diuretics, anti-inflammatories and a whole host of other medications, but really... I think she was just fat!

Work has become much more bearable lately. The Christmas/New Year period was simply horrendous... 4 nurses running a 24 hour service with absolutely no support, but now as people are starting to filter back after their holidays, the clinic has begun running as it should again. Aside from working like trojans, we've spent the last month eating (quite well actually - it is amazing what you can order from Woolies!), taking long walks with Chopper around this like amazing landscape where we regularly see herds of brumbies and flocks of black cockatoos, and just this week I've had a moment or two to start thinking about designing again. The promise of civilisation, haircuts, dinners and alcohol has also made me excited, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

So people, we will be home for 3-4 weeks from about February 2nd. Plan beyond that is a little up in the air, but we have joined a nursing agency and I guess we will see where they plonk us!

If anyone would like to share a glass of vino with us while we are home, you will be more than welcome!


  1. i'd love to catch up and hear more about your adventures! wow that went quick