08 December 2010

ZAP! Shazam!

Month 2 in the desert!

We are truly in the swing of things now. Its been a big learning curve but now we are feeling much more settled. We've been given portfolios (as they are called)... Rob is in charge of men's health and I am taking over the antenatal care while our resident midwife is on holidays. So basically that means that we are chasing down people, I'm getting the ladies in for their pregnancy assessments, ultrasounds, antenatal checks, booking them in to Katherine to have their babies. Rob is focussing this week on men's sexual health, following up on positive results for STI's, screening and education. Health in indigenous communities is quite separate gender wise. Any problems with 'down there' are usually only discussed with a health worker of the same gender. Hence when Rob finds a positive result amongst one of the local boys, he needs a female nurse to hunt down the partner so they can both be treated. So we've been tag teaming. We've been feeling like safe sex superheroes! We usually give our patients a huge mouthful of antibiotics: Zithromax (Azithromycin), Amoxycillin and Probenecid, (snappily known as a ZAP Pack!,) as a single dose that will treat the run of the mill infections and then screen them for the rest and treat as necessary. We've been loving it, its quite fulfilling health promotion. All we need is a cape and to maybe start wearing our undies on the outside!


  1. Make sure they are your best undies. WOuldn't want the ones with holes you keep at the back of the drawer and keep meaning to throw out ... but they always seem to make a come back when you are behind on the washing. Now where did you park the invisible jet?? x

  2. you guys ARE superheros! bring on the undies-on-the-outside.