28 December 2010

Working Christmas/New Year

We are down to a skeleton staff of four nurses. We have no doctors, cleaners, receptionists or aboriginal liaison officers and between us we are trying to run a 24 hour service.

Yesterday, Rob and I were on call (our 2 remaining colleagues were on a much needed day off, having worked Christmas and Boxing Day) and in our 24 hours we: flew a girl out with a possible ectopic, sedated a 8 year old child and reduced his displaced Colles fracture (again, thank goodness for a book) and also flew him out, sutured up a head, managed an aggressive and intoxicated man, administered rabies prophylaxis to a lady who was unfortunately bitten 14 times by a bat, and also saw 31 other patients with various other complaints. And the clinic is actually closed except for emergencies.

It is not boding well for New Years Eve.


  1. Eve, you are awesome. Merry Christmas my friend. Hope New Years is a little less adventurous.

    Thinking of you lots.

  2. Best get the berroca into you both!!
    Best of luck!

  3. Wow. How amazing! you guys are doing such a great job! missing you both in DEM.


  4. Bitten 14 times by a bat?! That IS unfortunate.