06 October 2010

New Jellyfish Wrapping Paper

New design people... here's a picture of the first print run (custom job) for a lovely lass at work. Rob calls it 'Crazy Squid' but really its jellyfish. I'm thinking its looking sweet as. I also think it might just be turned into fabric...

There's also a work in progress happening... its a rainy in the park... think rain clouds, sausage dogs and apple trees. I've done a basic run, but there's a few elements I want to change now.... Its a bit too regimented, needs a good old randomise to mix it up. Watch this space xxx


  1. Very, very cool! Think putting this design on fabric is a 'fab' idea!!

  2. Hi, I found your blog while looking for jellyfish fabric. I love this design! Did you ever make it as a fabric? I totally want some if you did?