13 September 2010

New Skies to See

It's happened.

After 4 lovely years of nesting on the island, my feet have developed a noticeable itch. It started off with just a toe, but now they are definitely itchy. Its mainly work driven I think. I love working with a great bunch of people in the emergency department here in Launceston, but I am also feeling the need for a little change, get some new skills, see some different scenery. But there's also certainly the attraction of remaining free, loosening the ties to any one place, and coming and going as we please. So we're off. Me and my mister have accepted positions in the Northern Territory, working at a small health clinic on the edge of the Tanami Desert. Its largely an indigenous population of around 1000, there's the obligatory red dirt everywhere and its hot. There will be limited resources, and we will probably fly people out more often than not for treatment in Katherine or Darwin.

Aside from the work related challenges, the bit I'm most excited about is the potential for inspiration! Think of all the gorgeous landscapes, flora and fauna and colours I'll see. Oh it'll be photographic and design heaven. So while I'm up there, hanging out in my provided accommodation, I'll be thinking, drawing, photographing and designing. And when we come home in 12 months time, it will be production city. Stay tuned people.


  1. i'm so excited for you eve, a change is always good, and what a different place you are headed too! good luck with it and can't wait to hear the stories and see the photographs

  2. Exciting Evie! Very exciting. We'll miss you. The coven will miss you loads. But the work you are going to bring home to show us will be amazing.

  3. Man. Who will take tea avec moi and load my girl up on caffeine? Will miss you, craft princess. We will send care packages x

  4. Am so excited for you both! Can't wait to see the piccy's and hear all about your new adventures!!