22 May 2010

wrapping paper

OK, so the last few months, i've been continuing on my little quest for creative happiness. At the moment I'm back on the printmaking train. I've finally bit the bullet, and stopped trying to get a cracked version of Illustrator, and spent the money. My word, its a brilliant program once you get past how non-user friendly it is! I'm sure I've only worked out about 1% of its capabilities but I'm already impressed. Designing becomes so much more professional. Thanks to my mate Kieran (a creative genius in her own right) I've become well acquainted with Live Trace. It just tidies up my sketches and makes them print ready so already I'm in love.

Current project: wrapping paper. Have acquired a mere 350 metres of brown paper from eBay and now need to do something with (besides using it as a door stop to my studio). Here's a little taster of my latest design. Its a proof so please excuse the pencil lines, obviously they won't be there in the final product!