25 January 2010

Visiting the parentals

Mum and Dad finally have their dream house. They packed up, moved from Launceston to a river-side retreat on the West Arm where they've built their castle. Its lovely. Only 55 minutes from town, but it might as well be worlds away.

Mum even got excited and got out her little row boat for some evening meandering with her mates on the water. Check 'em out, they're all a tad tipsy, but bless 'em... they know how to have fun. Now that's retirement.

22 January 2010

Photographic Journeys

Lately, I've been into the photography. As previously mentioned, I finally succumbed to the digital age and bought myself a Canon SLR which I just love. Rob and I have also lashed out and bought us a couple of tripods so now I have even more creative possibilities. It just means we have to carry them but hey, sometimes you have to make small sacrifices.

Here's just a little of what I've seen this week. A few little landscape shots of my neighbourhood. All these images are taken within 20 minutes of my house... what a nice backyard I have!