30 December 2009

Christmas Cheer

Hi peeps, clearly you've all worked out that I can only commit to a monthly update, and I've decided that you all must be cool with that, given that there has been no comments to make me think otherwise.

All well in the valley. Christmas has come and gone and my family amazingly all had it off to spend together. It was the usual shenanigans... Tanqueray, board games, prawns and scallops. Laura even got all fancy and made a croqembouche (think custard filled profiteroles stacked up in a cone and drizzled with toffee) but in a not so fantastic moment managed to burn my leg with the hot toffee when she got all enthusiastic and spilled it.

Just so you know, in case you find yourself in this situation, my mother is not the best at most board games, particularly those involving drawing, acting or humming so if you can get out of being her partner, it'd be for the best. However, when we played Cranium (which involves all the aforementioned categories) I wasn't quick enough and she ended up on my team. Lets just say her attempt at humming quality hits such as the Neighbours theme song could only be described as dismal, but the creme de la creme came when she tried to charades the act of base jumping. A praying mantis high on amphetamines might give you the picture. Please note though that if the game involves words such as Scrabble or card games like Canasta, she kicks arse so do not get complacent.

So Christmas for us was merriness all round, we pissed ourselves laughing and ate way too much food which is what it is meant to be about isn't it? Hope you all are having a brilliant festive season xxx