29 November 2009

OK finally, some renovation photos...

So update - where has this girl been of late???

The last couple of months have been busy busy (as usual I am burning the candle at both ends)... Renos are finally done - yay! - so I've been swanning around in my new pad and enjoying the luxuries that came with it, ie a non-leaking roof, clawfoot bath, no more starlings making noise and mess in my ceiling. Brilliant. Here's a little taster of the finished kitchen and bathroom...

I've finally started to process all those photos from my trip to Japan, and thanks to Isis and her stellar bookbinding sesh she ran at Brown Owls a couple of months back, I've been inspired to make the album from scratch. So I've been using some of the gorgeous fabric I bought in Tokyo and Kyoto for the covers and bought some delicious acid free drawing paper for the pages. I love looking at photos from old holidays... Japan was so inspiring and its been wonderful just having my memory jogged again of how great it was.

Speaking of photos, I've bought myself a new camera...finally came around to the digital age and bought a fabulous Canon DSLR. Oh its great, I had an SLR back in the days of film and loved it. I found the process of capturing images manually, you know with the shutter speed and aperture, just so cool. I loved that I had that control. So I think I waited a bit longer than most to get a DSLR, I coped with a little point and shoot for a while until I was a bit more convinced that the DSLR's had sorted out any teething problems that they may have had and lets face it, they are not cheap. But I've got no complaints, the images are turning out great. Best thing is, Rob is right into the photography thing and now I get the benefit of nicking his lenses without the huge outlay. Wicked. We've even crossed over and splurged on our first shared purchase. Yep, its a tripod. We've come so far.

Check out the stellar sunset I captured tonight from just outside my house. We're so lucky to live here...


  1. wow what a beautiful shot of the sunset! go the DSLRs! I have had mine over a year and i'm in love with it, you will not be disappointed.

    yeah you have been missing a while, so it was so nice to finally chat to you again at niche :)

    your reno has turned out very nice indeed, you must be proud. now, can you come and take care of the birds in my roof?

    see you at brown owls
    x isis