22 September 2009

Work Work Work (but its worth it!)

Yeah I know what you're all thinking.... this is one inconsistent blog... i know its been a while but I've been busy you know? Photographic evidence is provided for the sceptics.

This last month, its been crazy busy... the cottage is coming along quite nicely. Aside from some last electrical work, the bathroom is in, its operational and I've been conducting all my business from the claw foot bath, that when full comes up to my neck. Yeah I know that some of you out there are on water restrictions, but here in Tasmania we've been in flood so I think that our catchments must be sweet. Dad and I have been installing the Meccano set of a kitchen that arrived last week, and might I say its looking tickety-boo. Its hard to remember what it was like now, its come such a long way from the little purple cave that I first had to the light and bright open plan kitchen. So much more functional.
Rob (pictured) has been stripping windows, I've been painting miles and miles of plasterboard including the craft room ceiling and Dad has found me some extra drawers and a cupboard for storage so its all super-organised, I can actually see the floor! And I can find stuff! So in and around the renovations I've been making stuff for our upcoming market Armadillo in December along with craft star and craft minx (watch this space)...
The other toy I've been playing with is the gorgeous 1958 Italian sewing machine that Rob picked up for me at the op shop, so I have a machine to use at his house. Bless him. Anyway, it just needed a little oil, a screw or two loosened and a bit of clean and it runs like a dream. In many ways its better than my new Janome. Whisper quiet, and sews a beautiful straight stitch alongside about another 100 or so with the cams.

I'll post some photos of the new kitchen/bathroom once the tradies finally pack up all their shit. It doesn't look very Vogue Living if there's always an extension cord or a circular saw in the frame...


  1. Your Italian Sewing machine has needs not dissimilar to my own. Nice crafting alongside you at Owl de Brun. Can't wait to see your cottage featured in country style

  2. sounds like you've been busy, what a cool sewing machine
    x isis

  3. Busy lady! Glad to hear things are coming along well with the reno's. Love the sewing machine too - good ole Italian design!

  4. o my goodness eve
    I am dying a sickly green death over that sewing machine - what a ripper!