24 August 2009

yeah the drought's over (at least in Hagley)

Yeah its still raining... and yeah my once ok backyard is now a mud pie makers dream come true following all the renovations. You know I can deal with that, I've got gumboots. However when you combine rain with excavation for plumbing you have somewhat of a problem. Coming home to my cottage wound up in somewhat of a disaster today. Mags (my faithful sedan) tried to transverse the driveway today only to find herself up to the bonnet in mud, wheels spinning and crying out in distress.

Unfortunately for me this debacle came less than an hour after Joanie (my mum for those who don't know her), warned me about the risk of getting bogged, and me rolling my eyes as I usually do when Joanie gets her diatribe on. So dear readers I had something of predicament. Joanie starts twitching as she usually does when she gets to be all smug, but is trying not to say "I told you so", (when really she's clenching her teeth just holding those fateful words back). Meanwhile, I'm thinking "Fuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkk, it'll be Christmas before I hear the end of this".

We tried digging her out, jacking her up all to no avail. I was about to call the RACT, when it hit me. Surely, the benefit of living in the country is that your next door neighbour will invariably own a tractor. And bless his cotton socks, Bill the farmer chained old Mags to his formidable machine and dragged her back out into the land of the living spraying mud in all directions including all over Joanie. Which I reckon is a small price for her to pay for all that smugness.

19 August 2009

Sweat Shop Madness

Yeah yeah, I'm an inconsistent blogger... Its a trait... I get all excited and involved and then comes weeks of nothing, crosses over to many facets of my world: the gym, the house cleaning, making stuff, but I like to think its an endearing quality.

So, after being talked into it by Mrs Smith and her wily cushiony ways, I've decided to do Niche. Only half a stall... we'll share it... but now I've got to get the sweat shop up and running, make some stuff and pay myself 30 cents an hour for my efforts. Its difficult trying to decide what to do though... I don't have a signature thing... Gemma has her dresses, Mrs Smith has jumped on the cushion train... Me? I have always been a bit of a confused crafter. I get bored easily, I struggle to make the same thing over and over, so who knows what it'll be. Its a different craft every week! A bit of this, bit of that... Homewares probably, I don't do kids stuff well, and there's others who do. This week I've made some oven mitts from recycled linen tea towels, and made some Christmas decorations from kusudama. I think the stall will be a bit of a mish-mash of handmade love, inconsistent but hopefully pretty (and saleable). I'll be relying on G for her consistency. So come see us at the next market... Last weekend in November at the art school in Inveresk.

In other news, I'm just about ready to move back to the cottage. The bathroom's pretty much complete other than the electrics and a bit of painting. I'm still waiting on kitchen benches and cabinetry, but that's ok... I can live there without that. The house is an absolute shamozzle though... there's stuff everywhere, plaster dust, random screws and nails that seem to find my way into my feet at unsuspecting moments, and my oven is still in my bedroom waiting for my Dad to reconnect it. I've got old windows to strip back, ceilings to paint and furniture to sand, but I'm loving it. Its super special to own a house that I've put my mark on, and that I'm proud of.

Hope all is well in your worlds, thanks for reading. I can't believe I have followers now... How humbling.