20 July 2009

Pleat and Plaster

The cottage is coming along quite nicely. There's a new floor, the pipes for all the new plumbing is in and the plasterer is in the midst of doing his thing with Gyprock. It's amazing what the plaster does. I don't about you, but I'm shithouse at looking at plans and visualising the end result. Now that there's new walls in I have a much better idea. So far I've been doing well with the budget. I'm currently ten grand under budget which I've been told is unheard of. But I've got an honest builder. The roof came in five grand under what his original quote was and I didn't end needing to replace the septic tank which would have been another five grand. So that means I get new cabinets for the kitchen. Wicked. You can never have enough bench space. I'll whack up some photos soon as I can.

On the craft front, its back on. Given that I'm still at the town house i've been crafting minimalist style. I've got my sewing machine and a box of fabric. This alone is a challenge. I love having equipment. Same applies to kitchenware and books but I digress. Gemma, Mrs Smith and I snuck in a sneaky sewing sesh the other day and my my did we create! Mrs Smith, our Amish friend joined the 21st century and embraced the use of a sewing machine. She'd been making her stellar cot quilts from beginning to end with a needle and thread!!! Now while I'm all for the handmade kosher style, I admit I love the convenience of sewing seams a bit quicker than that. So we staged an intervention and Mrs Smith churned out two cushions in under two hours. Oh I think she's converted. We're thinking of having a stall at Niche in November so the challenge is on. Its sewing a go-go.

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  1. Hi Eve,
    Nice post: all go there.
    I must confess that I too have an Amish lean. Will you three, one day soon, saaaave me too?

    Renovate your heart out!

    See you at the next Hooters.