22 June 2009

Cottage Renovations #2

The reno's continue...

The old girl has a new roof and there is disarray amongst the starling community who have finally realised that they have been evicted. Its been entertaining however watching them come to this realisation. More than one have attempted to fly into one of their many old entrances only to discover it well and truly boarded up and subsequently have to churn out an interesting in-flight manoeuvre to avoid collision.

This weekend we gutted the bathroom and kitchen, chainsaw and sledge hammer style. Very therapeutic. Turns out (though not surprisingly) that the old rotting floorboards were sitting pretty much directly onto dirt, no concrete, no support at all. Guess that explains why there was a downward slope in one of the corners. We also discovered that it had been the home and pantry of several generations of rats, until they consumed the two kilos of Ratsak that I judiciously threw around everywhere. Hence we also discovered the source of the stench that had led to plague numbers of blow flies even in the middle of June. Needless to say I dry retched more than once. The other items found amongst the demolition derby included: fifteen empty long neck beer bottles, an almost complete but rusty and bent cutlery set, old ink bottles and fragments of old tiles.
On the upside I got to choose new fittings. I've had a resurfaced clawfoot bath sitting in the shed ready to go in for two years, so I broke out the credit card and went to town on reproduction style taps, ordered a new glass shower unit, toilet and gorgeous gorgeous pedastal basin (that almost cost as much as the shower, but what the hell, you've got to have a treat). Choosing the tiles was harder. I thought it would be a breeze, I knew I wanted 40cm square grey floor tiles, how hard could it be? Well when the tile place has about 50 kinds that match that description it all got trickier. I ended up having to leave in anxiety.

So since I now have no operational bathroom or kitchen, I've temporarily moved out and shacked up with my man in Invermay. That alone could be interesting, we've never lived together before. Still I should try to behave, it'd be a pain in the arse if we broke up now. I'd have to find another place to live, God damn it.


  1. love a good reno sequence - the gloves are divine xx

  2. just gave you an award crafty biatch reno type ... check out me blog xx

  3. How exciting. You look like you're getting heaps done. And, what fun, finding little treasures.