03 May 2009

Niche Market

Quick little post... pottered around Niche market this weekend... Brilliant... Oh my god its impossible to name favourites, the quality is well up there, but for me there were some standouts... Loz and Dinny - Gemma, those dresses are looking better and better woman, redbamboo - delectable, almost good enough to eat soaps and candles, my jasmine soy candle already a'burning, and Maya from hideyo - modular kusudama origami that was simply incredible... oh and mrs smith... you are officially an artist I'd say!

Oh sweet Jesus it was inspiring. Its amazing seeing creative people doing their thing and being passionate about it. I've got a pretty cushy nursing job, pretty secure you know, unlikely to be ever unemployed, but I really admire those artists and designers who go 'you know what? i'm going to have a crack at it'... I secretly want to be like them! Viva la handmade!


  1. Eve, craft princess, you are overflowing with the most wonderful talent and ideas, woman! You are ace - you could have a crack and it would become a raging chasm - that's how ace you are, sister! You are definately are an integral cog in the revolution xx

  2. Exactly what MRs B said Eve. You know you have no risk of ever being unemployed as an artist. You have the force with you. I am burning my white tea and ginger red bamboo candle as I type, having eaten our Poppleberry chocolate pudding whilst contemplating the purchase of the final dress to complete Sohpie's Loz and Dinny collection.

    This craft posse shite is ace.
    Oh and thank you for the compliment. I too dream of being a bona fide artist- I, however, am unemployed already so what do I have to lose?

    And I also really love your business cars. They are sensational - perfect even.