22 May 2009

Holidays Are Officially Wicked

So ladies (and if there are any boys out there who have the slightest interest in my blog, then kudos),

I am on holidays... yeah for six weeks even and its great. I've been zipping all over the countryside, had a week in Melbs catching up with the crew, doing a little shopping, checking out the handmade revolution there, and then had another week in Perth visiting my little sister and her man. Saw lots of inspiring things: landscapes, flora and fauna, went snorkelling and swimming on Rottnest Island... Boab trees are so photogenic! I am keen as beans to screenprint their sexy sexy shapes.

Then came back this week, had a moment of weakness and joined the gym. What was I thinking? I am so unfit, but what the hell... I either embrace my hoochy mama arse or I hop on the treadmill along with the other gym bunnies. But on a more exciting note, the coven craft collective (and offspring) got together for yet another fabulous day of craft experimentation. We have successfully burnt and screen printed our first original design on beautiful linen, here at the Hagley studios (well my house, but it sounds more profesh if you call it a studio). You'll have to thank Ms Gemma for the arty photography...

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