01 May 2009

Lino A Go Go

Oh cheers Gemma, for rekindling my love for lino cuts... Ever since we carved it up at coven night (soon to be Brown Owls, but more on that later), I've been caressing my lino cutting tools with a little too much enthusiasm to be considered appropriate. But whatever, the wrapping paper is starting to come to life. Keeping it simple for the mo, just the old favourite, brown paper with a white print. But these experiments are looking quite effective really. I like the simplicity.

In other news, the commercial giants Vista Print delivered to me a little box of cards complete with my lovely logo designed by the ever talented Kieran Bradley, graphic designer extraordinaire... its come out a shade more violet than I would have liked, damn monitor colours, but still they look delightful and will add a shade of profesh to my handmade stuff.

So now, I'm going to beaver away at some stuff, and wander around Niche Market this weekend... Be inspired by other lovely handmakers... Wicked, this craft posse is top shit...


  1. You're topshit. Your lino cuts look amazing!

    I have been lino crazy too. CRAZY! I am up at night lino cutting and trying out printing techniques and.. it's very exciting.
    Hope to see yo' ass at NIche.


  2. gee thanks mrs smith... its so much fun hey?! yeah baby i'll be at niche... going on sunday with a couple of peeps in tow so might see you there xxx

  3. I want the birds man! I want them as my own to caress ... very cool to hang with the Eve/ craft goddess at Niche - can't believe Mrs Smith still got here before me - she's goin' down!