24 April 2009

eve and the apple tree... she's back!

Ok so should get this blogging gig happening. Not being much of a techno-junkie, you'll have to bear with me. So this month has been the start of the creativity here in Tasmania. Its taken a while, my little label "eve and the apple tree" enjoyed a little success in Melbs, and for some reason its taken me a while to get my 'craft on' again on the island.

Being in a craft posse has helped... Just by being around other creative types like the fabulous Gemma and Georgia has got my finished and right side of the brain kicking into gear and start churning out some crafty goodness... Last month we kicked off with some lino cut prints... oh the stellar shit that was coming out those craft goddesses hands... Gemma made some shit hot jam jar labels, Marree made the a kick-ass Babushka doll and Georgia, my my... she came through with the goods on a flying bird series, that we hope will feature at Niche Market next month... Right, Mrs Smith?

I'm in the process of rustling up some little handmade treasures for my new Etsy shop... some Gocco printed cards, maybe a little wrapping paper with lino cut prints will feature... Anyway will let you know when that's all up and running too...


  1. Eve - So glad to see you in blogland. I didn't even know you had one. THe crafting/glove posse is brilliant. Thanks for your endless practical help and inspiration.

  2. Damn it - mrs smith got there before me ... damn her... welcome to the blogosphere xx

  3. How exciting! Can't wait to see your gocco prints (I'm still feeling envious - we met at Gemmas). Hope you enjoy Etsy. I found it to be a bit of a rollercoaster at first!